"Niggas Try So Hard To Be Different, So Fucking Hard. Niggas Never Had Confidence. The Problem Is, You Niggas Give A Fuck. See, I Don’t Give A Fuck, I Say What The Fuck I Feel Whether It Can Get Me Killed Or Not. You Niggas Can’t Do That."
-Tyler, The Creator
~ Thursday, October 25 ~
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~ Thursday, July 19 ~

AceCreator 3 #TBT




People Know i DOnt Smoke Really, maybe Once A Year, but i said fuck it last week. Went to this big ass house blazed up some shit and was too fucked up. i wanted to get outta that high man. it was some medical shit called ‘super bubble blue kush’. it had like crystals and shit, on it. as i was gone, i cranked my ipod. songs that i can remember was…. Prince-Just As Long As Were Together N.E.R.D.-Tape You Casey Veggies-Dope Dealer Roy Ayers-Mystic VoyagePhotobucket
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